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Enjoying an all good things... VIP Membership means having easy access to all of your favorite spa services, yoga classes and juice!
Each membership is designed to keep your body happy and healthy every month! Your services with our trained team members will be customized to your specific wants and needs. Each service provider will educate you on the best services, products and juices to
complement your health and wellness plan.

Cleanse Membership

Juice cleanse - give your body a monthly reboot! 

A monthly 1 day Juice Cleanse can improve your skin, immune system, hair and nails by providing your body with vitamins and minerals through bio availability. A juice cleanse also gives your overworked digestive system a time out and allows your body to rest. This short break helps eliminate waste, reduce bloating and water weight and regain natural energy

Choose your 1 Day Cleanse:
Reset - $55/month or Going Green - $60/month
Upgrade to a 3 Day Juice Cleanse:
Reset - $165/month or Going Green - $180/month
Plus receive 30% off 6 additional fresh pressed juices throughout the month!