FAR Infrared Heat Body Therapy

The latest technology in natural healing, the FAR infrared blanket increases metabolism, improves skin tone and texture, reduces the appearance of cellulite, flushes toxins, aids in weight loss, helps to reduce muscle aches and pains and detoxofies the body. The infrared blanket wonderfully warms the muscles while preparing the body to receive body work, maximizing the benefits during your session.

30 min $50 | 60 min $90

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Ayurvedic Body Wraps

Our body wraps are derived from the ancient Ayurvedic healing practice of applying warm oil to the body after lightly dry brushing the skin. In each treatment, individual dry herbs are mixed with rhassoul clay and a specific therapeutic body oil. The herb-rassoul mixture is sprinkled on the skin and vigorously rubbed into the therapeutic oil. The herbs diffuse into the oil while the skin rapidly absorbs the oil causing increased circulation and the flow of the lymph system to release toxins from the body. $125

~Detox Body Wrap

~Stress Relief Body Wrap

~Muscle Relief Body Wrap

~Trim & Tone Body Wrap

~Hydrating Avocado Body Wrap

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